Nov 9th 2009 FRPS
Well that was a massive relief and I never want to see those pictures again!
I heard today I have been awarded my Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society and of course I am over the moon!
The project started when I was invited to make re-creations of well known paintings for Digital Photographer and Creative Imaging Magazine - with screen grabs of the whole process.  Some of these images took over a month to complete but I loved every minute of it. I have my models to thank - my own daughter, Rachael,  my friends daughter Sarah, my Nymph, and not forgetting Jessica of the Pre Raph hair, my "Pandora" and Margie, my "Persephone".  Thanks to my friends for their support and making me carry on when I failed it the first time!
Now I can relax - and make pictures.   Back to the greenhouse - - -