Appleby Horse Fair

The Appleby Horse Fair is held each year by Royal Charter.
There is no concrete evidence that the Town of Appleby took up this supposed charter, as it does not exist in the public record office, many learned people have researched this claim, and none have been able to locate the said King James 1685 Charter. Billy Welch the travellers representative continues to insist that there is a charter and that he can produce a copy, but despite being challenged over the years to produce the document he has not been able to do so. So on that basis we must assume that The Appleby Horse Fair is not a Charter Fair. Some say that it arose from the scottish borderers bringing their cattle and horses to trade on Gallows Hill, now Fair Hill

Horses for auction are traditionally washed in the river and there is a plenty to see all along the main street of the town but it was also apparent that some of the horses being pulled in to the river were being cruelly treated by young boys who will be the future of the event. A horse had died as a result of being pushed under the water. The town was awash with litter and it will take a while to recover the town to its former glory.